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Victorian Racing Industry

Jump Racing is a cruel and dangerous sport and still active in the Victorian Province.

Horses are forced to jump up to one-metre high fences at high speeds and as a result, have lead to serious injuries and deaths which could have been prevented. E.g: On the spot euthanasia.

The Victorian Racing industry is still allowing this to commence due to the current Jump Racing season that at present still stands. The Minister, (Rob Hulls), for racing due to an overwhelming response opposing to this sport, wrote an open letter and to dismay stated that he professed to be a 'passionate supporter of the racing industry' this includes Jump Racing.

He also left the decision up to Racing Victoria (RVL) and they responded by introducing 'super-safe hurdles' in 2003 but yet horses are still enduring critical injuries and unnecessary deaths. This includes five deaths in 2009.

Putting the Racing industry 'on notice' as Minister Hulls has done for over a year now has had no effect to protect the horses when they leave their stalls each week in Victoria.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Decision Maker of the RVL to put an end to the the cruelty of Jumps Racing and to cease the sport completely to prevent any more unnecessary deaths or injuries towards horses.

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