Hi, for those who don’t know, Amorous was a furry dating simulator. Now I know that sounds bad for other people but I assure you it had some great story, great dialogue and great characters. Amorous had a lot of options, each a unique character and their dialogue/story, a few examples would be: Skye, the shy and nerdy but bubbly fox girl. Seth, the cute and intelligent feline. Dustin, the soft-hearted but emotionally vulnerable lion, and so much more. Amorous was brought to life by Team Amorous, Team Amorous was a collective group consisting of: Jasonafex (Producer), Kabier (Artist), Lennian (Developer) and Tsumi (Writer). Team Amorous have their own itch.io page and have 3 games, these games are Amorous, Bare Backstreets and Fursona Maker. Amorous had an incredible soundtrack and art design too. I have talked to Jasonafex over Twitter and he and I both agreed on getting 50,000 signatures is outstanding enough for him to consider making Amorous 2.

We, the players, want Jasonafex to consider making Amorous 2. All of us want this game because we want to see our favourite characters again, leaving us itching for what’s going to happen next really does hurt the heart. I and everyone else who is with me on this want Amorous 2 to be longer, more dialogue options, different routes, same (but maybe some others) characters and some good music, art and design.

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