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In NSW, COVID-19 restrictions allow up to 150 people to meet for corporate and community gatherings. However, the NSW Government has limited church gatherings to 100 people. During the chaos of a gobal pandemic, lockdowns have created unprecedented emotional stress, isolation, loneliness and confusion. People need spiritual and emotional support now more than ever. Yet church communities and spiritual support are seen as a non-essential service and as a result, many churches can't gather, in person, because of these limitations.
Many Christians are overwhelmed with loneliness and are feeling socially disconnected because of unfair restrictions. Its time to make life fairer for Christians everywhere.

Sign the petition so we can lobby the NSW Government to make things fair for Christians who want to connect in community and seek support through church and worship gatherings. People should have the right to exercise their faith and spirituality. We should have the right to meet together without having greater restrictions placed on us by people who don't value God and faith.

Can you help fight for the freedoms of those suffering with emotional stress in a time such as this? Please sign this petition now so that we can see the change...

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