#Neighborhood Living
Northeast Philadelphia
United States of America

Unused buildings create neighborhood eyesores and will vastly lower the cost of a homes resale value.

Abandoned and unsafe buildings create a feeling of hopelessness within a community and is a danger to surrounding homeowners and businesses.

New Companies like Whole Foods creates jobs and revenue within our community.

Please sign our petition requesting Whole Foods Corporate open a new store location at 3301 Grant Avenue Philadelphia PA.

This new store will create many construction contracts, 250 new full time positions in the neighborhood along with transforming an abandoned eyesore into a business that will contribute greatly to the community as a whole.

It is up to us to make sure that we don't let locations like this go unused. We can all work together to bring a great company like Whole Foods into our neighborhood.

With great prices, great products, and new jobs this is something that we can all rally around.

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