#Animal Rights
Judge Frawley 81st District Court Harrisville Michigan 48740
United States of America

My American Bulldog "Hank" turned 2 yrs old Oct 7, 2014 just 2 days before the Alcona County Sheriff's Dept came and took him from his family !!! Hank has been accused by a neighbor of "attacking" his dog and then him, within the whole 5 minutes that Hank was outside. It was a Saturday night Sept 20, 2014 around 8:30pm when I let Hank and my other 2 dogs out to do their business.

I didn't close the door because I was at the back door the entire time they were out. My 8 yr old Chihuahuah (adopted Sept 3, 2014) and my oldest daughter's 2 1/2 yrs old dog Samson (also American Bulldog) came right back in the house within just a couple minutes but Hank (who is about 100lbs) takes a little longer to empty his tank. I was still at the back door cleaning up the spiders and insects that I had killed, when about 1 minute later heard a voice outside talking quite loudly (yelling). I pulled the door open since it was never fully closed and I see a guy about a foot or two on the other side of my tire swing (which is quite a few feet onto my property) kneeling down and holding his cell phone in his hand, yelling at me that my dog just bit him (completely out of character for Hank).

The Sheriff's said he had what looked like a little scratch or pinch on his wrist that might bruise and they didn't mention any injury to the man's dog at all. I asked the Sheriff's when they came almost 2 hrs later, to please meet my dog because I needed them to see that he wasn't at all a mean dog but they refused. They told me to keep Hank in quarintine and confined to the house for 10 days and they would come back to check on him. They came back a few days later to talk to me and get more info for the police report at which time they asked me Hank's breed so I told them and gave them copies of his Vet records. They were told he was a Rottweiller. Hank is all Brindle stripes with white feet and chest so definitely doesn't resemble a Rott.

I never heard from the Sheriff's again until Wednesday Oct 8, 2014 (18 days later) when they called and told me they wanted to come check on Hank so we made a time for them to stop by Oct 9 @ 6:30am. I brought Hank out to meet them and of course he was wagging his tail as usual. They handed me a complaint and summons and told me I had to put Hank in the backseat of their car. Hank got into their car no problem. I was completely shocked cause they just told me they were coming to check on him. The Sheriff's also said themselves that morning that they wish they would've met Hank before making the police report and that he didn't seem to be vicious at all to them. They took him to the Alcona County Humane Society where he has been til this day and until court Nov 5 @ 10:30am. My family and I visit Hank as often as we can and we have been volunteering at the shelter for the SNIP program which will help pay for the cost of his neuter.

Everyone that has came in contact with Hank so far thinks he is wonderful and sweet and no one can figure out why he is even there. Hank has met 100's of people and lived with numerous different animals and has never shown any kind of aggression towards anyone or anything EVER !!! We have 2 ferrets, we have had dozens of bunnies, we had a 4.5lb Toy Yorkie living with us for 2 yrs, our Kitty, and we adopted a chihuahua just a few weeks before this alleged incident. He's never hurt any wild animals either. He has even stayed at Hotel Suites with us and goes everywhere we do. My dog does not discriminate HE LOVES EVERYBODY!

Hank has slept with my 5yr old daughter almost every night since we brought him home at 6 weeks old! Please help bring Hank home where he belongs ... I can't even believe this is happening! Our whole entire family is completely devistated including our friends and our other pets!

We, the undersigned, call on Judge Frawley 81st District Court Harrisville Michigan to return Hank home safe to his loving family! Hank is our beloved pet and has always been nothing but nice to anyone and everyone he has ever met!

Hank is always wagging his tail and wanting attention ... He is definitely a gentle giant !!!! Please help us save Hank by signing this petition ... Ty in advance!

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