#helping bring the #1 show back
people who love inuyasha
United States of America

All inuyasha fans reading this love the show right well the creators have taken it off air and only now show repeats .

i have heard this show has gone off air i would like it back on air all they now show is repeats it ends with so many questions like "What happens to naruku" or even "what goes on with the four characters, Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miruku" so please there are still many more questions as if to what ever happens to them i have recorded many shows of inuyasha just to watch them whenever a hard day comes in or just if i feel like watching my number 1 all time favorite show in history and inuyasha may i tell you is the first ever anime show ive ever watched and if it wornt for you i would have probably never have watched others like inuyasha but not as much as i love inuyasha.. .please bring my favorite show back on air...

All inuyasha fans are well aware of inuyasha off air and have complained to bring it back, well fans if you want it back we have to stick together and work this out to let them know we love that show, and even if it is hard work we got ideas too so let's do this, let's bring back our all time number 1 favorite anime show EVER created.. ..ALRIGHT

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