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A 23-year-old Army intelligence analyst, Pfc. Manning faces decades in prison or possible death penalty for allegedly leaking a video of a US helicopter attack that killed at least eleven Iraqi civilians to the website Wikileaks.

During the nine months at Quantico, Manning was denied meaningful exercise, social interaction, sunlight, and was at times kept completely naked. These conditions were unique to Manning and were illegal under US military law as they clearly amounted to pre-trial punishment.

Despite being a British citizen the UK government has not done anything to intervene or support him. He had to stand naked in front of other inmates, was not allowed to sleep and held in solitary confinement for 23 hours per day during his detention in Quantico.

We ask the prime minister to intervene as Bradley Manning ia s british citzen and face possible death penalty.

Furthermore we wish that the Prime Minister expresses concerns over torture of Bradley when he was held in Quantico and urge the US government to release him before the trial starts.

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