#Human Rights
William McGuire, CEO UHC,Governor Bob Taft,Representative Jay Hottinger

This petition is about my daughter and her fight with United Health Care!

We just finished a spot on WBNS TV that was aired recently with Maureen Kocot here in Columbus, Ohio. Abbee's story was published at www.fairfielddailypost.com. A copy can be obtained by writing to editor@fairfielddailypost.com. Also, there is a newsletter at
www.insurancejustice.com that has an excellent review of my letter. You can also go to medicalreporter.health.org and see my letter to the editor! There are several other newsletters that have picked this up as well as several medical journals, as well as many websites relating to Health Care mismanagement, etc.

I have also received a call from Margaret Mahoney, MD author of the book Saving the Soul of Medicine who is involved with the National Organization of Physicians Who Care.

We stand with Abbee Ford against United Health Care and its policies regarding disabled children. We want you to change your policies and stop advertising falsely and let her doctor make her medical decisions.

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