#Human Rights
United Nations Human Rights Commission

In the light of the movie "Innocence of Muslims" the International Defamation Laws regarding religions must be revised.

An act of freedom is committed for liberation not for causing violence. Defamation of Religions must be barred. FREEdom of expression and action does not mean letting all hell lose if that be the case then there should never have been any laws made or enforced.
Any statement or act that causes social, political and mental unrest to any section, sector, social group of society must have a law against it

The movie "Innocence of Muslims" must be internationally banned and International Defamation Laws must be revised to ensure that no more intolerable religious slandering and defamation is carried out by any individual or group of individuals against any Religious groups.

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The Heinous Defamation of Islam and slandering of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) must be stopped from being labeled as Freedom of Expression and Action petition to United Nations Human Rights Commission was written by Sonia Zafar and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.