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Apparently before my last gig at Crow Peak Brewery the esteemed employees decided to promote my show by writing "Heath 'Chocolate' Johnson" on the beer board. Funny right? However, they quickly had to erase it because people thought that Crow Peak had made a beer similar to the Heath Candy Bar and had kept ordering it. This led Shane Orth to say, "Hey, maybe we should make a beer named that." Which led Nate to tell me this story and is why I am starting this petition. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to know what a Heath "Chocolate" Johnson would taste like on their tongue and sliding into their gullet? (Ask Melanson. He's never complained.)

Thus, this petition is born to call upon the brew-master of the Black Hills, Jeff Drumm himself, to concoct what is sure to be his greatest masterpiece, The Heath "Chocolate" Johnson. Join us in this most worthy of causes and tell the story of our success to your children and your children's children! While others will look back on their lives with regret and dismay, we will die as legends!!!

We, the undersigned, call on the Masters of Black Hills Beer at Crow Peak Brewing Company, to create a most delicious craft beer masterpiece and name it "Heath 'Chocolate' Johnson." Be it porter or stout, may it's aroma reach our snouts. We call for a recipe of recipes, a taste of all tastes to touch our lips and lead us all to glory! Amen.

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