PM Kevin Rudd's Australia 2020 Summit

On April 19, Kevin Rudd is inviting 1000 "experts" to the Australia 2020 Summit to come up with Australia's next big idea.

For the rest of the 20,699,000 people in Oz, we've been brainstorming our own ideas online.

This is a petition to Kevin Rudd to allow us to present these citizen-formulated ideas at the Summit.

We, the undersigned good people of Australia, would like to present our top 50 ideas to you at the Australia 2020 Summit on April 19.

We've been brainstorming online for the past two months at the grassroots site Oz Ideas.

We know we weren't invited, but we came up with some doozy ideas!

The Hear Our Ideas! petition to PM Kevin Rudd's Australia 2020 Summit was written by Jim Rettew and is in the category Government at GoPetition.