Parliament Health Select Committee
United Kingdom

The Government and Department of Health want to abolish GP practice boundaries. Most GPs know that this policy will cause many problems and that it is unworkable.

For further information, see www.gpboundaries.org

This petition, for GPs, is aimed to persuade Parliament's Health Select Committee to undertake an inquiry of the policy before it is made law.

I have written to the Health Select Committee and I received replies from 2 of the members. They thought it was an appropriate issue for their committee but they had other items to address. I feel a petition might help convince them they need to address this.

For more information see http://bit.ly/SAchId

We, the undersigned GPs, believe that the Government’s proposal to abolish GP practice boundaries in England will be damaging to the quality of general practice, will introduce considerable inefficiencies, and in some cases be unsafe.

We believe that the Department of Health and the Government have painted an unrealistically optimistic picture of the benefits of abolishing practice boundaries, and have ignored the risks and problems inherent in the policy.

We ask that Parliament’s Health Select Committee examine this policy before it is passed into law, and take evidence, in order to determine the likely benefits, costs, and risks of the policy.

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