Charleston County School District
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As a parent of two children in the CCSD, I feel strongly urged to motivate the district into changing its policies regarding headlice. According to the NPA (National Pediculosis Association), "Pediculosis (headlice) represents one of the most common communicable childhood diseases...and it is important to acknowledge head lice as a problem."

Our schools in this area are having an infestation of head lice. Charleston County School District allows children to attend school while having lice instead of making them stay home until treatment has effectively resolved the problem. This problem has become more than "just a nuisance" to parents who are continually having to treat and retreat children because the schools continue to allow the infected students to remain in school.

Per an employee at the District, students that are identified as being infected are not required to be removed from the classroom. Parents are called and notified, but are not required to pick the child up. Parents are supposed to treat the child and are asked to be rechecked upon reentry to the school, but not required.

The district does not have a "no-nit" policy, parents are encouraged to continue to check the infected child for several days to make sure no live lice reappear.

We, the undersigned, want the Charleston County School District to implement a policy to notify the parent(s) of a student in writing (or e-mail) when a case or suspected case of headlice has been identified in the student's classroom as well as removing the infected child from the classroom.

In order for the student to be able to return to school, the parent must accompany the child to the school and provide proof of treatment. If live lice or nits are still present, the parent must take the child home for further headlice treatment/removal.

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