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HCPT (The Pilgrimage Trust) is dedicated to taking thousands of children with disabilities or special emotional needs on an Easter pilgrimage to Lourdes in France. The children travel in small family-style groups with experienced volunteer helpers, doctors, nurses and chaplains. These are not trips to the usual hospitals and hospices!

The children stay in hotels as honoured guests and get as much out of their holiday as other children - trips to cafes, a donkey ride in the mountains and the warmth and fun of a holiday with caring friends. This means many volunteers are needed to accompany the children, all paying their own expenses. Then £600+ must be raised for each child.

There are huge benefits from these trips for the children, even if you don’t believe in miracles! Children come from all walks of life and may belong to any religious background, or none at all. There is no aim to ‘convert’ the children!

They find new HOPE!

We, the undersigned, pledge to spread the word about the good done for children with special needs by HCPT and encourage others to support this worthy cause.

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