#Children's Rights
Mayor John Hickenlooper/ Colorado State Law Makers
United States of America

Hayley's Law would make video voyeurism a felony and would make "video voyeurism" a crime punishable by up to three years in prison in case of adult victims, and up to ten years in prison when a child is involved.

The following is a list of states with laws that specifically address the use of a video camera to secretly tape someone:

Alaska – Indecent Viewing or Photography, AK Statutes §11.61.123
Arkansas – Crime of Video Voyeurism, AR Code Ann. §5-16-101
California – Disorderly Conduct, CA Penal Code §647
Connecticut - Voyeurism, Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53a-189a
Delaware – Violation of Privacy, 11 Del. C. §1335
Florida - Voyeurism prohibited; penalties, Fla. Stat. § 810.14
Hawaii - Sexual assault in the fourth degree, HRS § 707-733 and Violation of privacy in the second degree, HRS §711-1111
Idaho – Video Voyeurism, Idaho Code §18-6609
Illinois – Unauthorized Videotaping, 720 ILCS §5/26-4
Indiana - . Voyeurism, Burns Ind. Code Ann. § 35-45-4-5
Kansas – Eavesdropping, K.S.A. §21-4001
Kentucky – Voyeurism, KRS § 531.090
Louisiana - Video voyeurism; penalties, La. R.S. §14:283
Maine – Violation of Privacy, 17-A M.R.S. §511
Minnesota – Interference with Privacy, Minn. Stat. §609.746
New Jersey – Video Voyeurism, P.L.2003, CHAPTER 206
New York – Unlawful Surveillance, NY Penal Code §250.40 through §250.65
North Carolina – Secret Peeping, N.C.G.S. §14-202
Ohio – Voyeurism, ORC § 2907.08
Oklahoma – Peeping Tom, 21 Okl. St. §1171
South Carolina - Eavesdropping, peeping, voyeurism, S.C. Code Ann. § 16-17-470
Tennessee – Unlawful Photographing in Violation of Privacy, Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-13-605
Texas – Improper Photography or Visual Recording, Tex. Penal Code §21.15
Utah- Voyeurism Offense - Utah Code Ann. § 76-9-702.7 (2003)
Virginia – Peeping of Spying into a Dwelling or Enclosure, VA Code Ann. §18.2-130
Washington – Voyeurism, Rev. Code Wash. §9A.44.115
West Virginia – Criminal Invasion of Privacy, W. Va. Code §61-8-28
Wisconsin – Invasion of Privacy, Wis. Stat. §942.08

We, the undersigned, call on the State of Colorado to change the current law relating to video voyeurism to increase sentencing of the guilty party.

Under the new law, any person who uses a camera or similar recording device to record another individual either for a lewd or lascivious purpose without that person's consent is in violation of the law.

We are requesting that the penalty for violation be a felony and sentencing should be increased to a fine and/or imprisonment of up to three years, or ten years in the case of a minor.

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