Halifax regional school board

I think it is unfair that children aren't allow to take peanut butter to school. Given the fact that less children in schools have allergies then those who do.

Children are missing out on the protein and fat content and since most schools don't have cafeterias or students aren't allowed to use the microwaves or fridges at school they are limited to what they can bring. I feel any many other parents whom I have spoke with do also, that those with allergies should eat in a separate lunch room.

There is less of a risk there and not allowing a student to bring peanut butter to school hasn't limited their exposure as some students who don't stay for lunch have returned after eating peanut butter at home.

We, the undersigned, call on the Halifax Regional School board to have those with Allergies to be in a separate room for Lunch, allowing those without allergies to be allowed to bring peanut butter for their lunch.

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