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Food tastes better and people digest it easier outside. You also get a lot of vitamin D outside. I think that students should eat lunch outside.
Studies have shown that if you eat food outside, it tastes better. Why are picnics so popular? The food tastes better, you can enjoy nature, and we spend time with friends and/or family. When we are stressed, like when we are in a cafeteria with 400 other kids, we do not pay attention to what we’re eating, and we don’t enjoy it as much. Being outside makes us less stressed, so food tastes better.
Vitamin D is the 4th most important vitamin, and eating outside would give students much more of it. The more the better!
Eating lunch outside gives us so many benefits, so why do we still eat lunch inside? It wouldn’t be that hard of a change to make, but it would give students all the above benefits, and happiness.


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