Parliament and Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Recently the province of Quebec passed a law that stated that IVF Treatment would be paid for by the government under their province's heath care plan. The province of Ontario should pass the same program.

Women who are infertile deserve to have ever chance they can to start a family. It cost a regular family approximately $10,000 for one round of IVF treatments because it is not covered. It would only cost the government about $1000 for the same treatment. Plus if it covered by the government less family's would be trying to have multiple baby's in one go to ensure they have more of a chance to have one.

If they are covered family's would be able to try for just one with any worry of needing to find the money for another. Which means less Multiples. Less risk for the mother, and less risk for the infants when born. Lower chance for the infants for having birth defects and other problems. The government needs to allow women to have the right to have a family no matter what.

We, the undersigned, are calling on the Parliament and Legislative Assembly of Ontario to implement, and have covered by our OHIP, IVF Treatments and other fertility options.

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