Fans of Doctor Who
United Kingdom

Doctor Who is a U.K science fiction series that began airing in 1963. After the series was canceled in 1989, fans fought to have the show resurrected, in 2005 they got their wish.

At the end of last year, a Christmas special featuring Catherine Tate under the name Donna was first aired. on July 4th it was announced that she was to become the next assistant for the Doctor.

Myself and others believe that she would have a negative effect on the show and believe that the BBC must reconsider having her as a regular cast member.

We the loyal viewers of Doctor Who kindly request that the BBC reconsiders resurrecting the character of Donna played by Catherine Tate.

It is our belief that her presence on the show would be detrimental to the shows ratings, we urge the BBC to choose somebody else to be the Doctor's next assistant.

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