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United States of America

A hockey team, travel or recreation, should have of at least a minimum of 10 skaters and 1 goalie. It is not fair to the players on a team with less then 10.

There should be a least one complete line change available in order to play a game. A team with 8 players and 1 goal against 14 players and 1 goalie is not right nor fair.

The players are exposed to being on the ice the entire game this can cause exhaustion, injuries, low morale and confidence, and poor sportsmanship.

We, the undersigned, call on the USA Hockey to implement that a hockey team, travel or recreation, has at least 10 skaters and 1 goalie. This allows there to be a least 1 complete line change for offense and defense.

A hockey team should not consist less than this amount.

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