Haslemere Town Council
United Kingdom

`It is now clear that the world is facing rapid climate change and loss of species across the globe.
The world's leading climate scientists agree we have less than 12 years to dramatically change how we make and use energy, and how we protect the plants and animals of our world.
If we don't act in this time, it may be too late to avoid the most catastrophic results of the human impact on our planet. And now scientists say we have less than 18 months to begin the transformation..
We want Haslemere to be a safer, greener, and healthier place to live, study, play and work. And we want Haslemere to be a leader in responding to climate change, as we have been leaders in preserving the beautiful countryside we are privileged to live in.
In July, Haslemere Town Council recognised the climate emergency, and committed to take action in the future, following study. The time is now to take the next important step.
Along with the residents of Haslemere, we welcome the support of people across the borough of Waverley, and indeed the length and breadth of the UK and beyond. We can only save our planet by working together. But do let us know your post code please!

We the undersigned now call on Haslemere Town Council to Declare a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency at its next meeting on September 26th. As part of this Declaration HTC should commit to:

• become carbon neutral as an organisation by 2030
• produce a roadmap in the next six months to achieve this goal
• assess progress against this roadmap each year and report results to the public
• work with residents, community groups and businesses to encourage carbon reduction in the Haslemere community.

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