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There are so many people who get killed by drunk drivers. On November 18, 2012 Larry Schofield was on a tow putting a van onto his truck bed when a drunk driver struck him, killing him, and kept driving. 6 hours after the incident he blew 3 times the legal limit.

Let's get this stopped!

I want to change the drinking and driving laws. A first time offender shouldn't just get a slap on the hand. If they were taken off the roads the very first time, think of how many lives would be saved, how many kids might of come home, how many parents would be here to watch there kids grow up.

I would like to see if your're caught drinking and driving you automatically get your license taken away. If they kill someone it should be more than just vehicular homicide.

Please help me by signing this and passing it around so I can get as many signatures as possible.

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