#Civil Rights
Harsh Effective Punishment to All Rapists system for rapists.
South Africa

“Girls On The Move” is an organisation for young women by young women with the vision and aim of helping
fellow young women with the challenges they face in their daily lives. We have programs that assist the youth in
need with the following
 Donation of sanitary pads,
 Donation of school stationery,
 Assistance with school and tertiary application forms and processes
 Girl talk sessions
Through our program we strive to engender the spreading of self love, self and general knowledge and care with
girls and young women from disadvantaged families and communities.

One of our flagship campaigns is the “The Cry Of The Girl Child” campaign. Through this initiative we recognize and provide a platform and
channel for the young people we work with. Through this platform the young people voice and tackle the
emotional and general challenges that the girl child faces. We are extending this campaign by including the HEPAR petition.

It is estimated that over 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime.Rape has become a norm in South Africa.Rapists are captured,imprisoned for a while then released.The imprisonment time is inadequate.When rapists are eventually released early,it causes emotional harm to the victims.Worst case scenario that is predominant currently is rapists are not captured and are able to walk freely.This is main reason why victims don't report or the the law is undermined.We are appealing the harshest punishment to rapists,from forced penectomy, to damaging their genitals to never have sexual intercourse,to life imprisonment.

We,the undersigned call on the minister of justice for Harsh Effective Punishment to All Rapists (HEPAR).

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