#Animal Welfare
Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper

Canadians need to make the Canadian seal hunt an issue in the next federal election, and if the government is not going to take the issue seriously, Canadian voters must vote against the government, and anyone else who supports the seal hunt.

Harper's Canadian government has spent tens of millions of dollars fighting the European ban on (non-native) seal pelts, expensive and fruitless overseas political junkets (like Gail Shea's recent trips to China), outrageous studies (like the Sable Island project to pointlessly slaughter thousands of grey seals), and other ways to waste taxpayer money supporting a doomed industry.

Not only is there no European market any more for seal pelts, but merely signing a legal agreement with the Chinese government doesn't create any demand for seal products.

The sea ice isn't going to come back enough to support massive seal slaughters as in the past, so as an industry the seal hunt is dead.

It's time to fund retraining for impoverished sealers, instead of wasting more money on publicity to fool sealing communities to vote for a government that has betrayed their true best interests.

We Canadians wish Harper to get his priorities straight, or he should step down and let someone else take his place.

We Canadians are tired of Harper wasting our money on projects like the seal hunt; Canadians are tired of a government not listening and respecting Canadians' wishes to stop the seal hunt. If Harper chooses to go ahead with the hunt this year, he faces dire political consequences, demonstrated by the signatures given here, and in mass protests to come. Canadians will vigorously fight the government; HARPER, WE'VE HAD ENOUGH.

We the undersigned demand that the Canadian government permanently end the seal hunt. If they do not do so, we will do all we can to bring the government down in the next election.

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