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A lot of kids that live in Canada don't get the same privileges that kids in the US do. Performers will go everywhere in the states but don't even give kids in Canada any thought.

So when Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus released news that she was going on tour kids in Canada got really excited. Once locations were released there was only one spot in Canada which was Toronto. Not everyone can go to Toronto to see the concert.

When it was released that there was the 3-D movie coming out kids got really excited. It would give kids in Canada the chance to a least see the concert. But on February 1st the movie was not in any theatre near to a lot of kids. Yet again it was put in a theatre in Toronto.

We did some research and found out that some parents company bought the right to the movie and only released it in certain theatres.

This petition is for kids/teens around the world who will not get a chance to see this movie because:

1. It was not released where you live.
2. The concert did not come to your city.
3. No kid or teen performer comes to your country/town.

Please sign this petition so:

1. maybe they will expand the dates and put in in more cities.
2. put it on DVD.

If you use the link below you can read more on the parents group that got the right to the movie and about the movie.

We teens/kids in Canada don't get performers or special movies in Canada.

Kids/teens have waited months for this movie and now find out that it is only being shown in one location in Canada. is wrong.

Hannah Montana 3D Movie should be released in more places.

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