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The current season of the RSC's production of Hamlet has been so popular, that many have been unable to see it.

To the Artistic Director of the RSC, Michael Boyd;

We the undersigned would like to respectfully request that the RSC seriously consider the possibility of producing a DVD of the current 2008 production of Hamlet with David Tennant.

We strongly feel that this would be of great benefit, not only to the RSC as a valuable source of funding for future projects, but also an important educational tool for students of English around the world. Also, due to the popularity of this production, many people who would have liked to have seen it were unable to have that pleasure.

A DVD would enable them to enjoy the experience that a privileged few were able to partake in. We hope the expressions of interest below will be instrumental in assisting in the decision to go ahead with this project.

Yours sincerely,

Margret Best - RSC Patron 3186950

Please Note: The author of this petition does not advocate the filming of theatrical productions as a substitute for live theatre, but rather the filming of exceptional productions such as the Hamlet mentioned above, for its historical preservation, educational benefits and promotion of live performance to a wider audience.

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