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Belgian Minister Rudy Demotte

In order to tackle the problem of puppy mills (i.e. a possibly sheltered location where puppies and older dogs of unlinked varieties in breed are offered for sale in kennels), we are petitioning our government to expand the subject relevant legislation. Puppy mills breed massively to become financially successful, not out of love for canines.

Future puppy owners are rarely asked any questions regarding their incentives for buying a dog of a certain breed, nor does a sale ever fall through. Puppy mills most often offer a major variety in popular breeds without showing any interest whatsoever in the specific problems (medical and/or behavioural) nor characteristics concerning the dog breeds they have 'in stock'.

Furthermore, no dog deserves to spend the first weeks aka months of its life behind bars or glass. Being a social creature by nature, it craves repeated social contacts. All dogs do. If dogs are deprived from these social contacts, the risk of them developing behavioural difficulties which cause serious burdens on human society, increases with over 200%.

If the previous arguments haven't drawn your attention, maybe the breeding-bitches' fate will. They have to produce one litter after another, without ever being given a break from breeding nor the opportunity of just living a normal dog's life. When the day, finally, comes they are no longer economically viable, they are simply dropped at animal shelters, or worse.. Let your imagination run freely, but getting its head bashed in is not a nice way to end the average breeding-bitch's life.

For further information, go to our website http://www.broodfok.be or contact us at broodfok@gmail.com. Let your common sense get the upper hand, vote AGAINST puppy mills, and general breeding abuses.

We are petitioning the Belgian government to expand the current legislation on puppy mills and all other sales concerning dogs, with the following proposals:

- an explicit ban on dog sales in shops and stores

- an explicit ban on dog sales through puppy mills

- a curtailment of the number of dogs AND breeds that may be used for active breeding by one breeder

- mandatory breeder inspections by two

- independent vets. Recorded violations will automatically and irreversibly result in the withdrawal of all previously granted permits

- a ban on cross boarder puppy transports, except under prior conditions decreed by law.

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