#Neighborhood Living
Junction Place Residents and Normal Community
United States of America

Junction Place found black mold in various apartment buildings and began moving residents to begin construction. Black mold is deadly and when exposed, who knows how many residents can suffer health issues from the particles in the air. Through the year Junction Place continued to move residents from building to building as they began more construction.

Now Junction Place is remodeling all buildings, yet residents were never notified when signing a lease of a possible remodel. They've closed one of the parking lot entrances, over charged residents for utilities and now are doing construction on buildings while residents live in them.

Most likely residents would have moved somewhere safer to live, but the lease will not let residents break contract for any reason except death so all residents are to remain living within this construction.

Junction Place, in Normal Illinois, sent a notice to residents on April 5, 2011 that workers will begin construction April 11th on buildings 2, 3, and 4 while residents still reside inside.

"Starting Monday, the construction crew will be removing all remaining stone off the buildings during union work hours. This process will take at least a week or so to complete. Once the stone is removed, the fencing will remain and scaffolding will go up. No further work will be done to the building until all residents have moved out of their apartments."

Some apartments have a porch, in which now they will not be able to use in nice weather with scaffolding outside of their building and the dust surrounding them from removal of stone. Black mold being exposed and dust particles everywhere can lead to health problems for some residents too. In nice weather these residents’ will also not be able to open their windows because of the construction noise and dust. This also affects utility bills because if windows cannot be opened, residents will be forced to keep their air running and pay more in utilities.

There is one month left on current residents lease and Junction Place needs to wait one month until all residents vacate the premise before starting construction on their buildings. Residents signed a lease to live in a comfortable environment, not spend their last month surrounded by unnecessary construction. In one month all residents will be moved out and Junction Place has all summer to perform any remodeling necessary.

*We, the undersigned, call on Junction Place to halt construction or implementation of scaffolding on any building until residents of such building have moved out when their lease ends on May 15th, or else pay such residents April and May rent and utilities.*

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