#Neighborhood Living
Haldimand County

Grocery prices are on the rise. More and more people are questioning where their food comes from. What a better way to learn about where our food comes from, and enjoying the animal antics than having raising a few chickens in your own back yard? Haldimand County Bylaws right now state that you are NOT allowed to have ANY sort of fowl (chickens or other birds) unless your property is zoned Agricultural!

Other cities, including Simcoe and Niagara Falls for example, allow residents to raise chickens in backyards so if these larger cities can do it, why can't the rural communities of Haldimand County do the same?

This is a petition, asking the Mayor and Ward Counselors of Haldimand County, to change the Bylaw and allow us the privilege of keeping a small number of chickens in our backyards.

The enjoyment my family and I get from watching these beautiful birds, not to mention the health and economic benefits from the daily supply of eggs, would be heartbreaking if we have to give up our pets. Give us a maximum number of birds like Niagara Falls does at 10 birds per house and no roosters in town. The birds are quieter than dogs, more contained than cats and an absolute blast to watch!

We, the undersigned, call on the Electorate of Haldimand County, to change the current Animal Control By-law No. 1396/13 Part IV - 6 to allow residents of Haldimand County the right to keep pet chickens, up to a certain number and without roosters, in private residents' backyards.

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