Hackney Council Pension Fund
United Kingdom

Hackney Council Pension Fund holds more than eleven million pounds worth of shares in arms companies, including approximately £5.25 million in BAe systems, the arms company which has been under investigation for charges of corruption in half a dozen countries.

Hackney boasts a proud history of celebrating diversity yet its investments support companies whose business fuels conflict in areas that Hackney residents have fled. How can this be defended?

Hackney should set standards that the rest of London can follow by divesting from this killing trade and putting the money into ethical investments.

We, the undersigned, are dismayed that Hackney Council Pension Fund holds more than £11 million of investments in BAE Systems and other arms companies, despite the indiscriminate nature of their deadly business.

We petition the pension fund committee to divest from all companies involved in the manufacture and sale of arms and equipment with a military purpose.

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