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Many H1Z1 prospects, who were fascinated by a Battle Royal Game by the second one, and supported this throughout the first time, Early Accsess, was deceived by a team of developers who did not want to disappoint the fans. The Map Z1, was the love for every Z1 starter. The physics and the environment was the place where everybody is still yearning.

With this petition, it is to be shown how many players are for a comeback of the old map.
Let this petition go! Share in groups, with your friends and with the rest of the world.

This petition calls for Daybreak Games to re-live at least one standalone for Z1 so that old sparks can become flames again.

For the start of the game, a backup, just before shutdown of the Z1 server would be sufficient. We also ask for technical support that small bugs and glitches can still be removed and treated.

Please take care of your old fans who want to play the game the way they know it.

Best regards and good luck.

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