Dept. of Natural Resources Mines and Energy Queensland Australia.

The GLAMORGAN VALE WATER BOARD is a Category 2 water authority that supplies Brisbane River water to properties within its Gazetted Area. The water which is non potable, is used for stock, crops and domestic purposes for those who need or want it, now including those who DO NOT need or want it. They are answerable to the Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy the Hon Dr Anthony Lynham under the WATER ACT 2000.

The "ALLOCATION" system of billing introduced by the GVWB means that people are paying for more water than what they actually use. Check your bill for the difference between the amount of water you have been charged for (ALLOCATION) and how much you used #MONEY FOR NOTHING. Ask your neighbours..

Also people are now being charged for an :ALLOCATION of water when their property is not even CONNECTED to the GVWB This is quaintly termed as "UNCONNECTED PROPERTY" More #MONEY FOR NOTHING. See my Facebook page sammcferran888 for more examples of BILLS

Perhaps you’re one of the “lucky” ones who use more water than your “ALLOCATION” so you actually pay for what you use and have no need for this petition. However, I ask that you sign it anyway for the sake of your fellow land owners who get duped with similar bills as the ones shown here.

"In meeting our obligations the Board strives to efficiently deliver rural water at a fair price through objective planning upholding the principles of a not for profit entity."
"Pricing mechanisms reflects fair value for money in a rural scheme." Unquote.

Time for a change.

Copy and paste this link, https://tinyurl.com/GVWB-bills
to see more bills and information on how you have been misled and duped by the GVWB making policies using Water Acts and By-Laws that have long expired and no longer exist. Their ONLY reason for doing so is quote, "for convenience"

I the undersigned, do not want to be charged every six months for more water than I actually use by way of the "allocation" of water versus "water used", a system introduced by the GLAMORGAN VALE WATER BOARD.

I do not want to pay $000's of dollars every six months for hundreds of thousands of liters of water that I do not want, do not need and can't even use as I am not connected to the GLAMORGAN VALE WATER BOARDs' supply.

I want a board who don't mislead, are more in line with community expectations and who know what "fair and reasonable" means.

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