5th Judicial Circuit
United States of America

The Gunn custody case, over five year old Dylan, has been a bitter tug of love between parents in two different countries. In August 2002 Dylan was abducted by his mother and taken back to her native country of Northern Ireland without the consent or
knowledge of the father. After a year and the help of the Hague Convention Dylan was returned to the US to be the center of a bitter custody battle.

In December 2003 Robert Gunn was
awarded primary residency of Dylan. The mother has now vowed to do everything in her power to regain custody and return to Northern Ireland. She has since enlisted the
help of many Irish political figures and Foyle women's aid to help with her appeal. This petition is to support the ruling by Judge Carven D Angel in December of 2003 to award custody to the father.

We, the undersigned, support Judge Carven D Angel's ruling in the Gunn vs. Gunn case of December 2003.

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