#Law Reform
President Obama, Congress.
United States of America

The tragic events at Sandy Hook elementary school is sadly just the latest on a growing list of similar horrific incidents.

President Obama has advised us to "hug our children". It is a natural place to start but we need to go further, a lot further.

I do not claim to have the answers but it should be obvious for us all to know where to start and that is gun reform.

Gun lobbyists have no rational argument that can defend these massacres. Without the guns, these massacres could not be duplicated, it is that simple?

Can we eliminate gun violence or the possibility of repeat events? No, of course not but we can start the road to change. It has to start sometime and if it begins as a result of the innocent lives lost in Newtown, Connecticut then maybe, just maybe some good could evolve from something so terrible

We, the undersigned, demand the government of the United States of America to reform existing gun law.

The goal should be to amend and establish laws that will deter and where possible prevent unwarranted fire arm violence.

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