Activision, Inc.; RedOctane; Neversoft; Budcat Creations
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With the ever growing gaming market, the Guitar Hero franchise has had quite a following since being released in 2005. Now there have been 8 releases of the game and a 9th currently in progress.

It's been said that a Christian version would not sell, however I believe with the right track selection, a "Guitar Hero: Christian Edition" would be able to sell just like the other versions, more so now that the other instruments have been added to the game features- drums, bass, and microphone.

My goal is to get enough signatures to create a Christian edition of Guitar Hero, including all four major band parts (Guitar, Bass, Drums, & Microphone).

The game could be released on Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, & the Nintendo Wii home consoles. Examples of artist who could help the game become a sucess are- Kutless, Stryper, Red, Reliant K, Superchick, & P.O.D. There are plenty of other artist as well who have similar sounds.

The game would be a stand alone software due to the fact the instruments already exists on these consoles. Online and download content would be included on all versions, excluding the Playstation 2.

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