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Yuba County Foothills
United States of America

Monday April 28th, 2014, 60 year old Jillian Couts was in a fatal bus accident on Marysville road in foothills on her way to pick up students from Shady Creek Outdoor School.

Jill made that trip very often and it was one of her favorite trips to make, she was always so aware and so careful on the road. Little did she expect she would lose her life on her way there. Luckily there was no kids on the bus when the accident occurred, however what is so aggravating is that she was not the first person to lose control in the exact spot the she did, she was the fourth.

Many people have asked the county to put up a guard rail because clearly it's a danger hazard. In my opinion it should have been put up after the first incident occurred, rather than having multiple people lose their life. What if there was kids in that bus, there would have been more than one life being taken.

Jill did not deserve to die the way she did, yeah she may have been doing what she loves most in the world but that is not the point, she could still be alive if there was a guard rail.

So before another life or lives get taken I suggest and beg for a guard rail to be put up!

We demand that a guard rail is to be put up on Marysville Road!

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