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Chipotle Corporation
United States of America

It is time for America to voice it's concerns about the grizzly, fatty, chewy, dark meat chicken at Chipotle. I like many people around the world love the Chipotle concept and enjoy the food immensely, with one exception. The chicken has got to go!

This petition is designed to bring awareness to the issue and hopefully provide Chiptole with the information they need to either replace the current fowl offering or provide another option.

If you are tired of the random bits of chicken in your bowl, burrito, or taco than start signing your way to better chicken.

I know, I know the thigh meat has more flavor... well it is hard to tell that as I am grinding my teeth on chunks of fat and grizzle.

We, the undersigned, call Chipotle to replace (existing chicken offering) and/or provide trimmed all white meat grilled chicken breast to their menu world wide.

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