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Mandy and Steve Neill`s youngest daughter entered the world at 18 weeks gestation. Sadly little Lily lost her fight for life shortly after.

Mandy, a bereaved mother from Coleraine since then dedicated herself to providing memory boxes for other grieving parents whose babies were "Born Sleeping".

Lily was born in early March 2010 (7th) at the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine.

Amid the families grief at losing their "Little Angel", Mandy has put all her energy and funds into providing memory boxes for any other parents that have had to go through the same experience.

Since giving birth, and having to leave the hospital with next to nothing to keep, treasure and remember Lily by, both Mandy, Steve and their family have set up Forever Our Angels, a Non Profit Organisation with view to become a registered charity in time, to raise the funds they need in order prepare, create the boxes and the contents for the hospital.

Mandy went into hospital with hopes and dreams for her baby only to have them taken cruelly by life and to leave with nothing more than a book to remember her angel by.

Mandy and Steve have gone to alot of effort, time and expense in order to provide these boxes and their contents as Mandy felt no Angel Parent should have to leave with empty arms.

Mandy and Steve, delivered their first Batch of 20 boxes to Causeway Hospital on June 19th 2010, the hospital was grateful, appreciative and welcomed the boxes with open arms, they expressed how much they were welcomed after knowing that Mandy and Steve had personally paid for these boxes themselves out of their own funds. This was achieved and set up all within 14 weeks of having to say goodbye to their daughter.

At no time was it made clear, at no time did the hospital inform Mandy that SANDS, were also supplying the hospital with Memory Boxes, it was only recently that Mandy was made aware of this by means of a message left for her on Facebook, Forever Our Angels Fan Page Wall.

Mandy then took the time out to contact the SANDS regional representative about this.

A meeting occurred recently to which they had agreed that Forever Our Angels and SANDS would work together, however it has become apparent and confirmed that this is not the case.

Mandy Neill and Elaine Patrick (FOA Administrator) attended a meeting with SANDS tonight. They were informed that SANDS regrets to inform them that they will be unable to work together as SANDS rejected the proposal as they didn't feel it was suitable for the contents of the boxes they provide to be any different from any others that are being supplied elsewhere. The hospital has not had the decency to inform Mandy of this.

Once again Mandy`s dreams and hopes for Lily have been dashed again. The Neill Family now genuinely feel that the Causeway hospital has disrespected and trampled on the memory of their "Angel" Lily.

We, the undersigned, call on the Causeway Hospital (Coleraine) and SANDS, to personally and publicly issue a written apology to the Neill Family and to Forever Our Angels for the way they have treated the situation and Lily`s Memory.

The memory boxes have been sitting in a cupboard at the hospital, untouched and not given out.

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