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This petition is due to the current poor season of Grey's Anatomy and pushing the lead characters into the background driving fans away.

After being a loyal Grey's Anatomy fan since Episode 1 Season 1 till today; it saddens me and many fans to see the state of the show today.

This is to request that ABC, Shonda Rhimes and all those in-charge, to stand up and do something about it.

Passionate fans, as the show creator called them, those fans who supported Grey's since day 1 and made it what it is, are all leaving this show one by one sadly. And that is due to the fact that the Lead Characters are being pushed aside, not given screen time, not given any interesting decent story lines, not given enough time and room to showoff all their amazing talents that made this show what it is. This is driving fans away and rating down.

Meredith and Derek the shows main couple are being shoved aside, given mediocre story lines and if they get a good story lines their scenes are merely fillers, or a few seconds in the beginning and the end of the episode. A state that has driven all REAL Grey's fans crazy. they all expressed it on twitter Facebook and other online blogs and sites. But Season 7 came and went as being one of the worst seasons ever for this amazing show.Even though the show creator and others on the show promised this was the MERDER season but alas it was a lie again..

What ever the reason was for them not living up to their promise that MerDer will be front and center again, MerDer fans and Grey's fans all wish this to be rectified in big ways in season 8.

Ellen and Patrick are underused. Many agree, from TV GUIDE to Entertainment Weekly, People Magazine and over millions of fans all agree: MerDer are underused and pushed aside, making Grey's a shadow of the show it used to be. We know other characters deserve a storyline, we would love to see it and live it if only MerDer got their fair share of Lead couple story lines and screen time.

Since Season 8 so far seems to be the last season for Ellen Pompeo the show lead actress and main voice, the reason behind a lot of its success, and Patrick Dempsey the other main part of MerDer, the most amazing couple on TV; Our main request as long time and loyal fans is simple and we wish Grey's amazing creator Shonda Rhimes and ABC grant us this one wish for a final amazing MerDer season..

1. MAJOR MAJOR Meredith & Derek screen time;

2. MAJOR MAJOR Meredith & Derek Storylines dealing with them as a married couple having marriage and life issues that could be very interesting like in real life ever for a happily married couple.

3. MAJOR MAJOR Meredith centered stories like in season 1, 2 and 3.

4. We would love and appreciate another fully Meredith centric couple of episodes like Golden Hour, the episode that brought in huge ratings for season 7 Grey's. Ellen Pompeo deserves that as its her last season as Grey's lead actress and heart and soul of it all.

5. We would love and appreciate one or two MerDer dedicated fully MerDer centered episodes just them. Full screen time to MerDer for a couple of episodes or more would rectify a lot of what went wrong the past few seasons.

Loyal fans who stucK with this show since day one no matter what happened deserve that and more.
Please make it happen, so Grey's can forever be one of the greatest shows since it first began to the day it MerDer (Pompeo & Dempsey) leave.
Thank you.


In respect to all the hard work Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey put in this show for 7 years; they deserve one amazing farewell season: with loads of screen time for them, loads of amazing story lines Shonda and the great writers of Grey's can write I'm sure, and loads of Behind the scenes stuff on the DVD.

Thank you.

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