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The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, as seen in Whale Wars, is led by Paul Watson, a man who has dedicated himself and his resources to stopping whaling and saving our oceans. There’s a desperate struggle to save whales taking place in Antarctica right now.

Sea Shepherd has three vessels there now but they need more ships. Greenpeace has two vessels in the pacific capable of helping. Greenpeace raises contributions based on taking direct action in saving the whales but they aren’t present in the battle to save these families of whales.

SSCS has appealed to Greenpeace to Unite and joins forces with SSCS and effectively shut down the illegal Japanese whalers.

The intent of this cause is not to raise money but rather aggregate a mass of people requesting that these iconic environmental organizations set an example for the world and unite in the fight to save the whales. It’s time to put aside the political platforms that divide us and work together in the spirit of compromise and collaboration for all of our greater good. Please join us and share the cause and let’s work together to make this world a better place one action at a time!


Thanks for your time and support!

We, the undersigned, call on Greenpeace to unite with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in efforts to stop Japanese whaling by deploying their ships to Antarctica.

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