#City & Town Planning
Arbutus Greenway Project

The City of Vancouver proposes that a section of the Arbutus Greenway between Broadway and W. 16th Ave be heavily built up as a so-called “Electric Alley.”

We are concerned neighbours who seek your support to have the city change the current design that calls for:

• massive metal frames that will reduce the usable width of the path,
• overhead electric lighting that will shine bright lights into nearby residences,
• a roof covering that will obscure views of the sky and the north shore mountains and will become a gathering place for overnight sleeping.
• an outdoor plaza that will create noise, smell and food wastes (which can attract rodents)

We, the undersigned, call on The City of Vancouver and the Arbutus Greenway Project to abandon the Electric Alley concept for Zone 2 of the Arbutus Greenway Project. We support GREENING THE GREENWAY as an urban walk- and cycleway with emphasis on wild flowers, shrubs, trees, pollinating insects and songbirds that will offer a pleasant and needed amenity to our urban residential neighbourhood. We suggest that the concept of Plazas or gathering places be restricted to W. Broadway and/or W16th Ave.

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The GREEN the GREENway! petition to Arbutus Greenway Project was written by Janice Parker and is in the category City & Town Planning at GoPetition.