#City & Town Planning
New York State Parks and Historical Preservation
United States of America

Green Lakes State Parks has completed the acquisition of 260 additional acres of Park Land. This newly acquired land resides on the eastern portion of the parks existing boundaries, The largest portion resides north of route 5 and east of Pierson Road ( 200 acres), the other large portion is south of route 5 and west of Townsend road ( 60 acres). The Park will be organizing an initial public input planning event during the fall / winter of 2018, this will be used to develop a master plan which will layout the use of the newly acquired land.

We, the undersigned, call on New York State Parks , Offices of Recreation and Historic Preservation to allow for the volunteer construction a 15 mile singletrack trail system for mountain bike use. These trails are to be constructed on the newly acquired Green Lakes State Park Property and should be laid out in accordance with the CNY-DIRT provided plans and details.

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