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The Putney Society and Wandsworth Council have launched a new campaign to secure more low emission hybrid buses on routes through Putney High Street.

Both organisations have long been campaigning for cleaner buses on local routes and will now combine their efforts to put more pressure on Transport for London (TfL).

A two year air quality study by Wandsworth Council has identified high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on Putney High Street which frequently exceed EU limits and could be harmful to local residents’ health.

The Putney Society recently mobilised volunteers to conduct a four-week survey of NO2 levels at 36 sites in central Putney – with similar findings of excessive NO2.

In October 2011 the council commissioned a further study by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to determine the level of nitrogen oxides pollution – which includes NO2 – caused by each type of vehicle using the road.

The TRL report shows that buses account for more than two thirds of the emissions of nitrogen oxides in Putney High Street, despite making up only ten per cent of vehicle flow.

The council and the Putney Society say the finding of this research project – the only one of its kind in London - together with evidence from air quality studies, must put Putney to the very top of the priority list when it comes to the introduction of cleaner, greener London buses.

TfL is currently deciding where to introduce its next batch of hybrid models when they are brought into service from October this year.

The transport authority has pledged to introduce some hybrid buses on three routes via Putney High Street. The campaigners say this is an encouraging start but many more will be needed to make a significant difference to emissions of nitrogen oxides and significantly improve local air quality.

We the undersigned are concerned at the high levels of harmful exhaust emissions from diesel engine buses on Putney High Street.

We call on Transport for London to introduce low emission hybrid buses on all routes through Putney High Street by 2014.

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