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Singapore has a small fraction of our society comprising of Gurkhas and their family members. When a Gurkha (from Nepal) is engaged to work in Singapore, his spouse and children (if any) will also travel alongside with them and stay in their quarters at Mount Vernon camp.

These children attend our local government schools and study/play/grow up with our Singaporean children. Their fathers (the Gurkhas) helped to guard important buildings, installations and ministerial residences. They are well-known to be loyal to the countries that they serve and will die for its cause.

However, no Gurkhas are given the chance to apply as Permanent Resident (PR) or to convert to Singapore Citizenship. When they have completed their 25 years of service, they will have to leave Singapore together with their families. Most of their children have spent more than half of their lives in Singapore and some their entire lives (born locally). We believe that Gurkhas and their families will be the most loyal and law-abiding citizens of this country if given the chance to stay after their retirement.

We shall not forget the contributions of the Gurkha Contingent during Singapore's early days of independence. Their forefathers have shed blood and tears for a country that they were not a part of. Their children will continue to do so to offer protection and security to Singapore.

We, the undersigned, appeal to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore to consider granting Permanent Residence status or Singapore Citizenship to the retired servicemen of the Gurkha Contingent in Singapore and their family members.

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