Metropolitan Water District, 3 Valleys Water District, Golden State,
United States of America

Water restrictions are scheduled to begin this summer in the city of Claremont. As community members who obtain locally grown organic produce from Uncommon Good we are worried these restrictions will destroy our program. Uncommon Good is a non-profit organization that has operated an organic urban farm program in these four cities for the past 12 years.

This program called CAUSA (Community Association for Urban Sustainable Agriculture) provides the freshest, healthiest, most sustainably produced food available in our region. It is grown at homes, schools, nonprofit organizations and private homes. In addition to providing food for community members, Uncommon Good provides the food for free to over 1,000 low-income children and parents in it's program and also to Ukrainian and Afghan refugees housed on the Claremont School of Theology property, and also to an organization that provides meals to up to 165 impoverished day laborers each month.

The CAUSA program uses water wise, drip irrigation to grow its food. The produce is washed at the Uncommon Good headquarters. There is no way to cut back on the amount of water used to irrigate the crops without killing them, and no way to eliminate the water to wash the food without creating a health hazard.

The proposed severe water restrictions for Southern California would destroy this urban farm project. We, the undersigned, respectfully ask for an exemption from the water restrictions that would impact Uncommon Good's CAUSA program including its headquarters and six Claremont urban farm locations.

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