Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
United States of America

Since the IRS "scandal" has taken place, there has been no full and transparent testimony or explanation as to what transpired during these events.

It has become clear that Lois Lerner will not testify due to the fact that she does not want to inadvertently incriminate herself during the process. This is a Fifth Amendment right that all American citizens are privileged to receive. This issue has gone unresolved for long enough.

Though it may be an injustice to let a potential key player off the hook for a suspected federal crime, we should not and cannot let this stand in the way of a better future for America. Lerner has told the House Oversight Committee that she plans to invoke her fifth amendment right should she not be granted immunity for the second time.

Please sign this petition to grant Lois Lerner immunity for her testimony so that America can move forward and bring others to justice.

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