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Members Of A Better world (R"A) Arad IL #580597102 #58057443-2

We, the IDF Soldiers of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Israel, now call upon our Prime Minister and the Ministry of the Interior to give just and due recognition to the contributions of our Community to the welfare and protection of the State of Israel and grant us and our immediate families full citizenship.

We serve compulsory military service, some of us risking our lives for the well-being of the country we love. We are equal citizens on every battlefield and on any military mission [...and, just last year, we buried one of our young daughters serving in the IAF who lost her life on guard duty!] yet our parents and our families continue to be discriminated against daily. It is biased citizenship. In other words, we are denied full equality in Israeli society. It should be emphasized that many of our family members have yet to even receive permanent residence! Even though we have lived, worked and paid our taxes in this country over the last 46 years, and have educated our sons and daughters to proudly serve the Nation, citizenship prevention challenges our lives and livelihoods.

Our existential insecurity and disenfranchisement is unfair and offensive, and contributes to much undue suffering and loss. The Jewish community has demonstrated that it is loyal and just to its law-abiding citizenry. The Hebrew Israelite Community continues to contribute to the State of Israel in every available field. We add to the charm of the manifold ethnic diversity of the Holy Land and Israel's special place in the family of World Nations. For years, this government has reassured our community that we will ‘eventually’ achieve equal citizenship. Now, after 46 years of peaceful community life in (as well as loyal service to) Eretz Yisrael, it is time for the State to fulfill its righteous promises on our behalf. In Yah Yisrael We Trust!

Sponsored By: M.B.W. and A New Day (Sanctioned and Registered Amutot)

We, the undersigned, call on the General Public and the Hebrew Israelite Community to support the right of Citizenship and to define ourselves in the State of Israel United as One.

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