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I was not allowed to see my grandchildren after my son assaulted me and was arrested. I filed a petition for grandparent visitation rights as a third party as in the state of WI there are no grandparent visitation rights for grandchildren in an intact family regardless of the relationship they have had with their grandchildren. I practically raised my grandson and had 8 or 10 pages of the times I had watched him and our step granddaughter since 2012. I could see my step granddaughter if I had pursued it because she is not in an intact family but not my blood related grandson. I could not do that and leave my grandson since we had the greater bond. His sister stayed with her dad every summer so I was with him more. The judge first said in one hearing I did not have to prove a "parental relationship" with my grandchildren, I most certainly could have, and then the hearing before we went to trial he flipped his decision and said I couldn't prove I had a "parental relationship" because they didn't call me mom. The judge decided to make the "parental relationship" to be of a higher standard than we could prove for his judgement. There is "NO' definition for parental relationship in the courts. Thus if I did not give into my son & daughter in laws demands we would have lost the case. I am starting a petition to end this statute of grandchildren not being seen because they are in an intact family as I believe that it is not right for any grandparent to be denied access to loving, nurturing grandparents who have been a big influence and presence in their lives. I am still not seeing my grandchildren even after giving in to their demands. We should not be penalized from seeing our grandchildren because they are in an intact family. I am starting this petition to help all grandparents in ALL states have this right. Next step Supreme Court.

We, the undersigned, call on our state governments and their officials to change/amend statute 767.43 in the state of Wisconsin and any other state statute in the United States of America to include visitation rights of grandparents who have grandchildren in intact families. We feel that the statute should be the same regardless if the grandchildren are in intact or non-intact families. This is discrimination against these grandparents. The statute as it stands allows for you to see step grandchildren who may not be blood related but not your blood related grandchild who is in the same family

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