#Children's Rights
State of Tennessee Human Services Committee and Congress
United States of America

Grandparents should have the rights. I think instead of the children going to foster homes because of the parents don't want these children I think the grandparents should get custody of the grandchildren if they are willing to take care of them.

The children shouldn't be taken from a family they love and know and be stuck in foster care with people they have never met if these grandparents are willing to take these children and raise them then why not let them. It will only be fair for the children in the long run besides it is not the parents you are hurting it is the children they have feelings and they hurt too. It would not hurt to stop and ask the children ever now then on what they want instead of doing what the state wants to do with these children.

I think at the age of 5 years old they should have the right to say who they want to live with if there parents don't want them any more. I say If the family wants to raise the children I say let them have them they would probably have a better life anyway. So I say let's get some grandparents rights passed in Tennessee let's stand together. Let's get some action going now before it is too late.

We, the undersigned, call on the State of Tennessee Human Services Committee and Congress, to get Grandparents Rights Laws passed in Tennessee.

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