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Dear Mr. Adams,

The skateboarding population in Granby is rapidly growing. As skateboarders we often find ourselves traveling to other schools and parks to skate. This sometimes is inconvenient, leaving us skaters stranded with no place to go. Practicing everyday is vital for progressing in skateboarding. Now you may say go skate in your driveways. The thing is driveways can only do so much, parks have different features made of wood or cement that cant be placed in driveways.

We ask that you grant us permission to build a skatepark in the town of Granby. Skateboarding is a great sport because it keeps kids busy and not getting into drugs. It creates new friendships because it is something they both like and can talk about. If we were to build it we would have a helmet rule and different rules to keep the environment safe. This skatepark would benifit the sport skateboarding and help the skaters progress not only in skateboarding but also in there social lives.

Please take this into consideration. Thank you for your time.

-Tyler Pardee
& Jamie Samulson

Dear Mr. Adams,

Everyone that I have told the idea to so far has thought it would be great and agreed that they would go there to skate. A couple of years ago the skatepark wouldn't be neccesary but since the development of skateboarding there are many skaters from all ages that are fustrated with traveling to a skatepark.

Here is a list of all the people that enjoy skateboarding and are encouraging the idea of the Granby Skatepark.

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